Monday, May 22, 2017

Photo Essay- City Nights

Throughout every ones life, through age and new milestones, people reminisce on the memories they made as adolescents. The nights that kept their hearts racing with adrenaline and felt more free than they ever had before. This was one of those nights. 
While strolling through the city streets, I saw and felt many things I had never encountered before. Whether we were sauntering through a graveyard, trespassing through closed parks, or enjoying the company of our new-found friends at run-down food trucks, we were filled to the brim with contentment. 
I hope that these photos bring back a sense of liberation and freedom to those who have felt the same pleasure and satisfaction that I feel while being mischevious
The characters of the night. Bailey, Bailey, Eli and myself.

        Peculiar findings throughout the night-flooded city. Sinister vibes as we walked through the graveyard to this ancient tombstone.

                                                                  Goons on a tomb

      Only open food cart at 12pm. Stopped by for a gyro and left with new friendships and some killer curly fries.

                           City kids taking advantage of Portland's beautiful city streets.